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KMWorld NewsLinks - January 21, 2020


The expanding compliance technology market

Even though compliance may be the initial pain point for a technology implementation such as speech analytics, additional benefits may ripple through other parts of the enterprise.

How to Make Your KM Career Recession-Proof (Video)

Deloitte Advisory CKO Adriaan Jooste offers KM professionals tips on making themselves essential to their organizations in this clip from KMWorld 2019.


MindTouch knowledge management solution now available on Genesys AppFoundry

The integration embeds MindTouch knowledge management functionality directly into the Genesys Cloud user interface

Zinier raises $90 million in latest funding round to transform field service with AI

As margins shrink and the volume of work continues to rise, it's critical for enterprises to have real-time visibility into the field and drive productivity by automating routine work

Lucidworks acquires Cirrus10 to further expand its ecommerce reach

The acquisition allows Lucidworks to offer the domain-specific solutions that ecommerce companies require to create personalized customer experiences

KM In Practice

Zebra Technologies chooses LevaData to manage materials sourcing

LevaData can bring Zebra Technologies growth through digitization and AI enablement


Vibrant network ecosystems are turning supply chains into competitive weapons

The old paradigm for supply chain networks has run its course, and the future is in multi-enterprise, or multi-party business networks