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Lucidworks acquires Cirrus10 to further expand its ecommerce reach

Lucidworks, a provider of AI-powered search, is acquiring Cirrus10, to combine their domain expertise to provide more targeted solutions for a variety of domains in the ecommerce space.

The acquisition enhances Cirrus10’s impact on Fusion customers, and their expertise will drive Lucidworks’ roadmap, execution, and reach in the digital commerce field. They will help inform new product features to serve digital commerce customers while continuing to service their more than 100 existing implementations.

“As the experts in using search and AI to personalize user experiences, we want to be able to translate brand experiences to digital experience, which requires more subvertical knowledge. We realized that we could be doing even more for our customers,” says Will Hayes, Lucidworks CEO.“Cirrus10 has been integral in moving beyond Lucidworks Fusion AI-powered search capabilities to understand and impact what brands are doing in the verticals they serve. By acquiring Cirrus10, we can go beyond technology to understand the distinct demands of these organizations and move objectives forward more effectively.”

Cirrus10 was founded in 2010 by a team who shared decades of domain expertise working with search platforms including Solr, Fusion, and Endeca.

“We felt an instant kinship with Lucidworks when we began our partnership in 2018,” says Peter Curran, Cirrus10 co-founder. “Fusion is the world’s only platform for extensible AI-driven search. Fusion elevated our service offerings by giving us a framework for exploring machine learning with our customers, and using it, we can build personalized and scalable relevancy models without a black box or army of data scientists. By combining Lucidworks search and AI expertise with our deep experience in the ecommerce space we can cement our role as digital commerce solution leaders.”

The acquisition enables both companies to provide even more value to customers and empower them to create an online customer experience that drives their bottom line.

For more information about this, visit www.lucidworks.com.

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