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KMWorld NewsLinks - August 27, 2019


How to Design & Implement an Enterprise Content Taxonomy (Video)

"Meaning matters. From a content perspective, your system of meaning helps users find and orient themselves within the concepts expressed in your content. If product information is your challenge, it improves users' ability to find the right products—and as everybody knows, customers can't buy products that they can't find."


Capacity unveils AI knowledge sharing platform to boost workplace productivity

Addresses the challenges often faced in workplace environments where team members waste time searching for information that's spread across dozens of systems

Crowd Machine releases newest app creation platform in beta

Crowd Machine rolls out continuous rapid digital transformation platform

Secure Exchange Solutions partners with Great Lakes Health Connect

SES Direct improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of clinical workflows

2019 KMWorld Promise and Reality Submissions Deadline Extended

KMWorld Awards are designed to celebrate the success stories of knowledge management

Perspective on Knowledge

Behind the scenes of Everyday Chaos

Machine learning builds up a model that connects data points in complex, multi-dimensional ways, usu­ally without yielding the sort of general principles we're accustomed to reason­ing from.

KM In Practice

TSI Holdings taps e-Spirit to create content-driven customer experiences

FirstSpirit allowed the digital marketers to customize and maintain brand identities on multiple storefronts and campaigns