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Capacity unveils AI knowledge sharing platform to boost workplace productivity

Capacity has introduced its secure AI-native knowledge sharing platform. Designed to meet the expectations of the modern workforce, Capacity is a cloud-based system built on AI that captures, mines, and connects organizational knowledge to maximize employee productivity.

With the product launch, the company officially rebranded from Jane.ai to “Capacity” to support its growth and expansion from a virtual assistant chatbot to a comprehensive knowledge sharing platform.

In addition, Capacity has also raised $13.2 million in an oversubscribed Series B Funding round from a Midwest network of private and angel investors, including existing investors, to help support company growth and scale its technology.

“Today’s workplace systems are not designed for how people actually work. Consumer-grade tools like Netflix and Google have shown us that people prefer a personalized experience—but enterprise software hasn’t kept up,” said David Karandish, co-founder and CEO of Capacity. “We built our new product suite with our fellow consumer in mind, so that Capacity feels less like software you have to use, and more like software you want to use.”

According to Capacity, it addresses the challenges often faced in workplace environments where team members waste time searching for information that’s spread across dozens of systems, which reduces their capacity, engagement, and overall satisfaction. The company says its software captures tacit knowledge, mining documents and spreadsheets, and connecting to enterprise apps to help make everything accessible through a single, automated chat platform.

In addition, the platform also helps organizations work smarter as a whole through its AI-assisted conversational workflows. Capacity adheres to industry standard security and data compliance protocols, such as SOC 2 and GDPR, and currently integrates with more than 50 of today's most popular workplace applications and platforms. 

Key features in Capacity include Enterprise Search, a collection of connectors that allows companies to integrate with over 50 popular apps right out of the box, in addition to a Developer Platform to connect Capacity to custom and proprietary applications.

In addition, LiveDocs enables Capacity to instantly mine information from documents, spreadsheets, and webpages; Knowledge Base enables Capacity to pinpoint and capture the oftentimes hidden expertise within an organization—including who the organization’s experts are; Conversations creates a detailed conversational workflow for questions that require complex answers; and the CoPilot Console features an intuitive, human-in-the-loop help desk interface that reinforces the platform’s machine learning.

For more information, go to https://capacity.com.

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