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TSI Holdings taps e-Spirit to create content-driven customer experiences

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The ecommerce boom has helped TSI Holdings grow to revenues of $1.5 billion. The company, one of Japan’s largest fashion retailers, has 20 of its 38 retail brands available online which means that it rapidly launches new digital storefronts. All of this activity puts a huge burden on the digital marketing team since it needs to be able to create new web content without having to wait for valuable IT resources to be available. In order to reduce the content bottleneck, create and upload new content that meets customer’s unique needs in real-time, and deliver brand-specific content, the company needed a new way to create, store and share content.

“We work with many brands within our company, and all of the brands have different rules for creating content,” explains Maho Takahashi, manager for the Digital Business Development Division at TSI Holdings. “We wanted to give the brands themselves more power over what kind of content they could upload to their own websites.”

To meet the growing demands of its customers, TSI Holdings created a new strategy to help make its digital marketing team more efficient. The company deployed e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform and CMS to help deliver content-driven experiences to TSI Holdings’ customers.

FirstSpirit allowed the digital marketers to customize and maintain brand identities on multiple storefronts and campaigns, as well as provide support for multiple languages.

As a result of this strategy, TSI Holdings dealt with many of the issues that multi-brand ecommerce companies face, such as adherence to corporate messaging, image guidelines, and language consistency. By giving digital marketers the freedom and flexibility they need to address changes to content in real-time, content editors can now create new content 2.5x faster and update site content 1.5x faster. 

More information is available about TSI Holdings and e-Spirit on their websites.

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