Crowd Machine releases newest app creation platform in beta

Crowd Machine, a full-featured, cloud-native, no-code PaaS (platform as a service) is launching Crowd Machine GO in beta, a no-code visualization, data exploration, and management solution for the enterprise.   

Crowd Machine GO, the latest advancement to the Crowd Machine platform, delivers an ecosystem of smart adaptive functionality to enterprise for the creation of faster, higher quality, enterprise apps, that fuel rapid and continuous digital transformation.

With the addition of Crowd Machine GO, companies will have the power to transform and modernize legacy systems, as well as assemble flexible intelligent applications, and easily orchestrate AI solutions - all using Crowd Machine GO’s executable services and apps called “Gadgets”.

Crowd Machine has launched GO into its first round of beta, making GO exclusively available to a limited number of its current enterprise customers, including one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. Crowd Machine plans to release Crowd Machine GO to additional enterprise customers in the fall, and more widely in 2020.   

The Crowd Machine GO solution also breaks down monolithic systems into highly functional microservices controlled by the IT department to ensure compliance with corporate solutions, data, and security policies, while simultaneously replacing aging app portfolios with flexible intelligent applications. 

GO Gadgets can be used to link multiple legacy systems and disparate sources of data, or act as stand-alone highly functional apps.  

Unlike other products in the market today, GO Applications can be created without coding - meaning that it is much faster to get them to the business line.

With its no-code platform, Crowd Machine empowers Fortune 1000 companies to implement a digital strategy that enables continuous adaptation to quickly and easily meet changing market demands. 

For more information about this news, visit www.crowdmachine.com.

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