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KMWorld NewsLinks - June 06, 2023


Revenue Grid summer ’23 release offers deeper insights into the sales journey

Leading revenue intelligence platform updates forecasting, scheduling, and integration capabilities

Leena AI’s WorkLM promises to change the future of work

An intelligent work assistant that understands and executes complex tasks, manages conversations and provides real-time information

Atly emerges with $18M in funding, introduces new mapping and location platform to compete with Google Maps

Atly combines the power of social media-like knowledge sharing with mapping and location discovery tools to fuel a seamless, high-fidelity search experience

Strategies for implementing generative AI to transform content infrastructures

KMWorld held a webinar, Accelerate, Augment, and Automate: How AI Can Supercharge Your Content Lifecycle, to break down how generative AI can reimagine content infrastructures

Precisely introduces updates to its data quality portfolio

Latest enhancements in Precisely solutions help to address complex data quality challenges

The Future of the Future

Look to the skies for KM opportunities

Then there's the inevitable demand for more automation, from the flight planning and clearance process to the operation of the air vehicles themselves. No human or group of humans could possibly keep track of so many constantly changing variables