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Atly emerges with $18M in funding, introduces new mapping and location platform to compete with Google Maps

Atly, the user-generated social mapping platform, announced its official launch with $18 million in funding to offer users seamless, effective, and trustworthy location-based content.

The funding comes from Target Global, Tal Ventures, and FKA Brands and the funding will allow Atly to invest in state-of-the-art algorithms and overall performance to release much anticipated product features and updates and to collaborate with additional creators.

In its open beta to date, Atly witnessed thousands of user-created community-based maps, with hundreds of new maps generated organically each month across verticals like food and restaurants, travel, nature and the outdoors, parenting, and more.

Atly leverages social media-like user-generated knowledge with mapping and location discovery tools to help people find their new favorite places. In the Atly app, users create and join map-based communities centered around the things they love.

Atly creates a go-to source for previously unmapped content and surfaces gems of information from like-minded people that allow users to trust in the authenticity, integrity, and specificity of every recommendation they uncover.

In doing so, Atly gives people intent on discovery the confidence that they’re sure to enjoy the places they visit, and creators and businesses are met with higher conversion.

“From Blogger to YouTube to Instagram and TikTok, people seek both community and information online, and they’re often finding that intersection on social media. But there is a gaping hole when it comes to location-based information, which is where Atly comes in,” said Uriel Maslansky, CEO and co-founder of Atly. “We have combined everyone’s favorite ingredients—the timeliness and authenticity of user-generated content created by a like-minded, trusted source, the utility and ease of visual mapping, effective tools for hyper-specific discovery, and the thrill of engaging, perfectly on-point content—to allow anyone with an interest, need, or passion to easily unearth their next favorite place to go or thing to do.”

For more information about this news, visit www.atly.com.

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