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March/April 2020 (100 Companies) [Volume 29, Issue 2]

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Bill Priemer, President and CEO, Hyland: Unlock productivity gains and improve the customer experience with a modern content services strategy

Heather Kotula, VP Marketing and Communications, Access Innovations: Use artificial intelligence to unlock new potential for your knowledge base

Zach Wahl, Founder and CEO, Enterprise Knowledge: Laying the foundation for Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz: Knowledge Graphs enrich and contextualize the understanding of data

Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO, Mindbreeze: Intelligently linking information with machine learning, natural language processing, and AI-supported search functions

Keith Berg, General Manager, Upland Software: Top Five Trends for The Contact Center in 2020


KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2020

In selecting organizations for the list each year, we look for companies that are innovative in advancing their products and capabilities to meet changing customer requirements—whether they are using the newest technologies available or continuing with proven, tried-and-true approaches.

BI and ANALYTICS sustain smart city initiatives

Despite the challenges, cities of all sizes have succeeded in setting up smart city programs, although most consist of one or more point solutions rather than a full ecosystem.

THE SMART MONEY: Decoupling financial services for cross-departmental big data integration

Monetizing data while complying with regulations in finance is increasingly dependent on the ability to decouple the enterprise—across departments, business lines, and individual services.

The critical role of enterprise content management in digital transformation

The ability to personalize is an indicator that an organization is managing its content well enough to deliver what each individual needs.


David Weinberger

250 Columns later

Knowledge management has indeed become a multi-threaded discipline, embracing just about everything related to knowledge.

The Future of the Future

Deep project management

Given the increased negative media exposure that comes from project failure, organizations need more tightly integrated, intelligent project management systems, in addition to people who have the requisite skills. This need will grow as systems continue to become more complex and timelines more tightly compressed.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing and AI begin to grow together

How do we manage the hype and promise for new inventions while making sure that they represent a realistic opportunity? Can we invent self-driving cars or a Boeing 737 MAX without exposure to the risks these innovations can pose to our lives?

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