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September 2015, Trend-Setting Products 2015 [Volume 24, Issue 8]


Design thinking and knowledge management:
12 takeaways from the K-Community

In the context of knowledge management, how can design thinking help with process architecture, tools and a knowledge sharing culture?

Innovation: What are the real metrics?

"Many business models under which organizations operate do not truly accommodate the requirements for today's knowledge economy. They do not incorporate the learning cycle or the process of innovation, and without a valid model, metrics are difficult."

Cognitive Computing: Real-world applications
for an emerging technology

"Cognitive computing is the solution to big data. Companies are collecting a lot of information and are having trouble processing it, but if there is a cognitive layer you can more accurately detect an issue."

Federal agencies show progress on records management

There are very specific goals that focus on records management and training requirements. We have been seeing incremental progress on the self-assessments for the last couple of years, but this is the first time we have seen strong movement in a positive direction.

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2015

We published our first KMWorld Trend-Setting Products list nearly a decade-and-a-half ago because we wanted to bring some clarity to the sometimes elusive knowledge management needs of our subscribers.

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: ABBYY: FlexiCapture

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Brainspace:
Brainspace Discovery™

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: eGain Knowledge™

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: INGENIUX:Ingeniux CMS

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Transversal: Web Self-Service

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Verint Systems:
Workforce Optimization

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Accusoft:Prizm Content Connect

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: BA Insight:
InfoSites for SharePoint

Trend-Setting Product of 2015:Datawatch Corporation:
Managed Analytics Platform

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Magnitude Software:
Noetix Analytics

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Mindbreeze:InSpire

Trend-Setting Product of 2015: OpenText:Tempo Box

News Analysis

Cognitive computing
What makes a computer system cognitive?

Cognitive computing systems address complex situations that are characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty—in other words, human kinds of problems. In those dynamic, information-rich and shifting situations, data tends to change frequently, and it is often conflicting. The goals of users evolve as they learn more and redefine their objectives.

Achieving success in KM

My hypothesis is that for many content-centric and knowledge-centric processes, those involved want to get to the "good stuff." The demonstrations, the visits to trade shows and the selection of a vendor are just more fun than making flow diagrams and verifying requirements.


David Weinberger

Sympathetic Knowledge

All reading starts off sympathetic. If you're reading what someone wrote, it's because you want to understand what she means. That's an act of sympathy right there.

The Future of the Future

Bringing together innovation, learning and people

We've identified six stages that must be present if rapid innovation is to occur successfully on a sustained basis. We've named those stages ADIIEA, which stands for: automation, disruption, investigation, ideation, expectation and affirmation.

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