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September 2014, Trend-Setting Products 2014 [Volume 23, Issue 8]


Content Management: drivers of effectiveness’
Part 2:Tools and technologies to get the job done

Earlier this year, member-based nonprofit APQC partnered with KMWorld to uncover the truth about content management inside organizations. We wanted to find out which tools and technologies are popular, which trends show the most promise and what successful organizations are doing to pull ahead of the pack.

Measuring campaign performance: Attribution models hit the spot

In the ongoing quest to improve performance, organizations have sought reductions in process cycle times, enhancements in supply chain efficiency, greater quality assurance and many forms of cost savings. Recently, interest in obtaining better measures of advertising campaign performance has shown a noticeable uptick.

Federal government’s ‘Cloud First’- FedRAMP brings security to the cloud

According to IDC, the federal government will spend $118.3 million on public cloud solutions in FY14, and more than $1.7 billion on private cloud solutions. The private cloud expenditure is slightly lower than it was in FY13, while the public cloud figure reflects an increase of about 33 percent. Looking ahead a few years, however, private cloud expenditures are expected to grow dramatically, reaching $7.7 billion by FY17.

Enterprise search: What is it and where is it headed

There may be some challenges for enterprise search in the organizations of tomorrow. Without innovation, enterprise search is likely to find itself marginalized as enterprise knowledge management solutions proliferate. Search without search may be shorthand for who needs old-fashioned search?

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2014

We've published our annual list of Trend-Setting Products for nearly a decade and a half (more than a century in "technology years"),...This year, we looked at more than 600 products. Some have been around for a while, a testimony to the limber execution of their initial mission of adaptability. Others are relatively new.

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Access Innovations, Inc.,: Data Harmony Suite Version 3.9

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: BA Insight: Knowledge Integration Platform

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Bamboo Solutions: Innovative Technologies for SharePoint

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: eGain: KnowledgeAgent™

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: EMC: InfoArchive

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: HP Autonomy: MediaBin 8.1

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Hyland Software: OnBase Cloud

Trend-Setting Products of 2014:
MetaVis Technologies: OneDrive Management Suite

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Verint: Customer Analytics

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Accusoft: Prizm Content Connect

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Brainspace: Brainspace for Business™

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Datawatch: Datawatch Desktop

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: FTI Consulting: Ringtail 8.4

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Integrify: Integrify 6

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Interneer: Intellect MobileApps

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: kCura: Relativity Collection

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Mindbreeze: InSpire

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: SDL: SDL Web

Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Transversal: Web Self-Service

News Analysis

In a cloud and mobile world-Making collaboration less confusing

Cognitive computing: Why now and why it matters

Fast forward to a world where every interaction is tracked digitally and where open access to shared knowledge creates both tremendous opportunities and pressures.


David Weinberger

Amazon vs. The Librarians! The Fight of the Century!

But many of us believe—I do—that we have a cultural and societal interest in expanding our horizons. A librarian is likely to help us to that end.

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