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Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Access Innovations, Inc.,: Data Harmony Suite Version 3.9

DATA HARMONY from Access Innovations, Inc.

Data Harmony Suite Version 3.9 is the latest release of Access Innovations’ patented suite of proven semantic tools designed for publishing and content management.

The Data Harmony line includes software for thesaurus management, auto-categorization, metadata extraction, and author submission, as well as a fully compatible XML database system. Available individually or as a suite, the Data Harmony toolset is designed to streamline and enhance the publishing process at every level—from content ingestion to production—while dramatically simplifying the process for the user.

Data Harmony provides unmatched indexing accuracy to support seamless search and retrieval of data. Everything from semantic fingerprinting to thesaurus creation rests comfortably under the Data Harmony umbrella, ready to step right into any aspect of your production pipeline to strengthen and enrich your content. Your semantically enriched content, in turn, provides new pathways for analytics and enables revolutionary means of viewing your data.

Data Harmony software integrates smoothly into any system regardless of platform and is simple to install, so full production can be achieved within a matter of weeks. It meets the indexing demands of information professionals, while offering highly accurate search results for the end user. This makes the process highly efficient across the entire system.

Data Harmony is the solution to enrich your data, and to streamline content retrieval. For more information, or to schedule a demo, visit the Access Innovations website at www.accessinn.com.

Access Innovations, Inc.
PO Box 8640
Albuquerque, NM 87198

Phone: +1-505-998-0800
Contact: j_ven_eman@accessinn.com
Web: www.accessinn.com

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