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Nov/Dec 2003 [Volume 12, Issue 10]


2003 KMWorld Promise and Reality finalists

Blogging the competition—Weblogs take center stage in CI

Blogging—the free-form sharing of information on the Web in a diary-like format—has gained popularity as a way for individuals to post information about their personal triumphs and struggles. But that same technique is now being used for salespeople, marketers and others in an organization to quickly and easily share competitive intelligence (CI).

Knowledge management: Portal for corporate espionage? Part 1—

Making portals work: Enterprise portal services outlook

Personal Toolkit: Home is where the hardware is

Roundtable Discussion: Business process management

Solutions in practice: Transportation pulls it all together

News Analysis

KM advice: Start small

KM in Practice

FBI searches for crucial details

GE brings good skills to life

KM spreads its wings

Safer in the field


David Weinberger

People smart

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