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Steve Barth

Author and Consultant - Reflected Knowledge

Longtime KM writer Steve Barth blogs at Reflexions and consults about learning, communications and strategy at Reflected Knowledge.

Articles by Steve Barth

For enterprise developers...
Adobe flexes its muscles

Why can't employees expect the same quality of interaction with business applications or services as when they shop online, connect to friends through social media or book their vacations?...

Reducing data center power consumption

When it comes to computing, power used to be an advantage: the calculating speed of processors. But now IT managers are equally focused on power as a liability: the energy bought and managed to run those processors.

By some estimates, data center energy consumption has almost quadrupled in the past decade, as more and increasingly powerful servers are brought online to answer queries, stream content, complete transactions and perform calculations and analysis in every sector of society and the economy...

Connecting the dot.govs

On the most basic level, we need to take a step back and focus on the fundamental question: Why was the Department of Homeland Security created? It was not created merely to bring together different agencies under a single tent. It was created to enable these agencies to secure the homeland through joint, coordinated action. Our challenge is to realize that goal to the greatest extent possible. —Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to the Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security, April 20, 2005...

Whatever happened to the page? New Adobe Applications boost collaboration and workflow

Personal toolkit: Mapping the mind’s eye

At a meeting one day, I found myself sitting between two eminent KM thinkers. Both men were rapidly taking notes directly into their laptops. One was using PersonalBrain from TheBrain Technologies. The other was using MindManager from Mindjet. My colleagues raved passionately about each of those tools, as do many people who use either one.

Personal knowledge management

PersonalBrain 3.0

Personal: Tools for the world-weary knowledge worker

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Adobe enhances collaboration

The evolution of desktop search— Good news for the knowledge worker

“Personal Toolkit”, Capturing complex conversations

Technologies on the street

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Personal toolkit: The wisdom of the piles

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Personal toolkit

Personal toolkit