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Quicker customer complaint resolution

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Volkswagen Financial Services UK (VWFS) has chosen a software solution to support customer feedback processes and enhance the overall customer experience.

The company will deploy Aptean’s Respond Complaints Management to capture and analyze information to drive customer retention while guaranteeing compliance with regulations. With Aptean Respond, VWFS can identify possible issues, speed case resolution and generate insightful feedback to propel product, service and process improvements, according to Aptean.

Nathan Thompson, head of customer services with Volkswagen Financial Services UK, says, “This investment is part of our ongoing goal to strengthen the bond with our customers by handling their issues quickly and easily, then turning their feedback into actionable improvements for customer processes.”

According to Aptean, Respond Complaints Management will expand the capabilities of VWFS’ case advisers by providing tools and support to resolve front-line issues with the first contact, and only when necessary escalate to the “core complaints team.” Respond’s architecture is said to give VWFS the ability to address customer issues quickly and cost effectively while also ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies.

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