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Lloyds invests in eCRM

Lloyds TSB Group, a large financial services organization headquartered in the United Kingdom, is investing $24 million in electronic customer relationship management infrastructure technology.

The eCRM system from Chordiant will be used to unify and manage customer communications and business processes throughout Lloyd's retail banking operation, which includes its worldwide branches, call centers, wireless banking, Internet-only Evolvebank.com, as well as its product offerings.

The workflow solution will help to:

• ensure that customer interaction is consistent and follows precise business rules regardless of how the customer interacts with the bank,

• enable customer information to flow from the initial point of communication to every other point of communication in real time,

• knit all of the bank's diverse business units together while allowing each unit to implement the desktop applications it wants to use, and

• accommodate future expansion.

"A large retail bank like ours has extreme requirements when it comes to CRM," says Igor Andronov, IT director for Lloyds TSB Group. "We must streamline customer relations activity so that we deliver speedy, efficient and personalized services to our 16 million customers via multiple channels and using a complex array of business processes.

"In addition to acting as the underlying eCRM infrastructure that will integrate all our CRM activities, the infrastructure technology provides a single solution to a variety of specific issues raised by individual business managers.

"It means that technical staff only have to learn one set of tools and applications, so new business initiatives, such as the addition of a new channel or the integration of a new call center, are implemented rapidly."

When fully deployed, the eCRM infrastructure will serve as the underlying integration framework, enabling current and historical customer information to be shared among the bank's branches; call centers; and Internet, wireless application protocol (WAP) and interactive TV banking services.

The first phase of the implementation will be completed in the first quarter of 2001.

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