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Rivet Logic, Mike Vertal President & CEO: View From the Top

Over the recent years, the Web has become increasingly more social and is all about building relationships and sharing experiences. In addition, the explosion of mobile devices and availability of ubiquitous connectivity has led today's consumers to demand a new type of online digital experience, one that's cohesive and consistent across all digital channels. Increasingly, the quality of digital experiences can have an impact in a company's success. And those experiences aren't just limited to customers, but also include employees, partners, and all other organizational stakeholders.

To meet the increasing expectations of today's consumers, leading organizations are re-evaluating their customer experience management strategies and striving to produce rich, dynamic and personalized experiences for optimal customer engagement. Internally, companies are also rethinking their enterprise collaboration strategies to adapt to the evolving workplace environment. More and more, organizations are transforming their static command-and-control intranets into dynamic and social work environments that facilitate community and collaboration.

In this new, always-on era of engagement, organizations seek solutions that provide the flexibility and agility needed to innovate and quickly accomplish the tasks that drive results and propel business growth, and modern software solutions provide distinct advantages.

Rivet Logic is honored to be recognized—for the sixth year in a row—as an industry leader driving successful enterprise adoption of commercial open source and cloud-based software. We help leading organizations build riveting digital experiences, ranging from customer experiences that drive more business to employee experiences that drive higher productivity.

Rivet Logic
11410 Isaac Newton Square N
Suite 210
Reston, VA 20190

Phone: 703-955-3480

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