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Earley & Associates, Seth Earley CEO: View From the Top

Earley & Associates is proud to be one of the few consulting firms listed among the Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management.

As a KM solution provider, we believe that KM solutions matter when they push to achieve a specific targeted business benefit. We're seeing several areas that are driving significant value in the marketplace today.

Intelligent Assistants solutions for field service, client service and helpdesk organizations go beyond delivering documents and good search results sets. They present answers culled from the disparate systems and documents that generate millions of dollars in benefits through reduced help desk headcount and reduced time searching for answers. These same capabilities are giving empowered patients more information and improving service while reducing costs for healthcare companies.

Agile Digital Merchandising/Marketing is a wide open space for impact. Companies still struggle to aggregate content fast enough to capture marketplace opportunities. The right KM solutions enable agile, efficient merchandising across channels, driving loyalty, higher market basket and better buying from online research to in-store purchase.

SharePoint-Powered Search Applications yield business benefit when companies go beyond foldering structures to search-based applications that streamline a collaborative process by leveraging the power in SP 2013.

All of this is easier when content is managed as an enterprise asset. We specialize in helping companies define an enterprise information architecture that goes beyond merely classifying content to enabling processes and the measurements that help executives ensure that targeted results are achieved. That is how we drive KM solutions that matter.

Earley & Associates, Inc.
PO Box 292
Carlisle, MA 01741

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