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Access Innovations, Inc., Jay Van Eman CEO, Marjorie Hlava, President: View From the Top

"What are taxonomies to knowledge management?" contemplates Access Innovations' CEO, Jay Ven Eman. "They are the core to a well-designed knowledge organization system, or KOS. We have pioneered and perfected the development and deployment of taxonomies that provide knowledge management, observing the essential guiding principles needed for effective and efficient knowledge organization. Without the purpose-built taxonomy, the language of the knowledge contributor (for instance, an author, scientist, or knowledge worker) and the language of the knowledge user (for instance, a customer) will typically fail to be bridged. If you can't find it, it might as well not be there. A well-built taxonomy—and we have built more successful enterprise taxonomies than anyone—bridges language and usage differences, and provides accurate, consistent, persistent, and precise navigation and retrieval. This truly makes us the leaders in using our experts and our patented, award-winning Data Harmony software to semantically structure and enrich content so knowledge management will actually deliver on its promise."

Access Innovations stays on the cutting edge of knowledge management by continuously adding new services based on client needs and industry demands. The services of the company continue to expand and now include a complete line of information management support services, such as building and implementing controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, and ontologies to leverage content semantics and search.

"Search using taxonomies for browsing and tagging of content is extraordinarily more precise and allows full recall of records in the data holdings," Ven Eman says. "Every one of our installations is a new puzzle and variation in the same solid theoretical and technological base. It's challenging and fun, and makes every day interesting."

Building on its taxonomy and automated indexing capabilities, Access Innovations also offers products and services for such uses as inline subject tagging; author and institution disambiguation; and semantic fingerprinting of authors and potential peer reviewers.

Access Innovations' award-winning Data Harmony software suite makes it all possible. It's the powerful combination of 35 years of continuous innovation. The suite currently includes Thesaurus Master®, making thesaurus construction and management simple; M.A.I.TM (Machine Aided Indexer), providing your choice of full automation in indexing or recommendations to human indexers; MAIstroTM, combining both Thesaurus Master and M.A.I. for maximum efficiency; and XIS® (XML Intranet System), an XML content management system for the creation and management of XML database records in a user-friendly format. Our MAIstro software supplements Microsoft's SharePoint with semantic enhancements so users can realize the full value of their information assets.

Data Harmony provides knowledge management solutions to organize your information resources, leveraging well-built and systematically applied taxonomies. Data Harmony's software tools enable you to construct a logical framework of topics, reflecting the vocabulary of your business or subject area—and then apply these topic terms to your resources precisely and consistently. The result: Your search becomes information found accurately and quickly.

For more information about Access Innovations, Inc., please visit the company's website at www.accessinn.com.

Access Innovations, Inc.
toll free: 1-800-926-8328
phone: 505-998-0800
fax: 505-256-1080
e-mail: j_ven_eman@accessinn.com

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