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Knowledge in context Brain EKP 3.0 visualizes information relationships

With new features such as advanced e-mail integration and instant authoring for one-step knowledge contribution, BrainEKP 3.0 is available immediately from TheBrain.

BrainEKP is a Web-based KM offering that visualizes information relationships across multiple databases and third-party applications. Further, the company claims, its user interface simulates the way that people naturally associate and think about information across multiple repositories, providing more meaningful context for information access, sharing and usage. BrainEKP enables users to easily update and modify its interface; the platform grows according to user thinking and company business processes as information is created and used.

TheBrain reports key features of BrainEKP 3.0 include:

Visual user interface with instant authoring. Users can expand the knowledgebase using simple drag-and-drop capabilities. Files and Web pages can be dropped right onto the browser, instantly shared and connected to related information.

E-mail integration. E-mail messages sent to BrainEKP, including attachments, are indexed and seamlessly incorporated. Now information locked in e-mail messages is captured, says TheBrain, put in context and is fully searchable. BrainEKP 3.0 works with any standard e-mail client including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Eudora.

Advanced permissions and personalization. Access to information can be specified by individual or group, so knowledge can be shared in context to just the right people. Personalization lets each user organize information the way he or she thinks about it, creating private notes, connections and other information.

Portal integration. Full BrainEKP functionality can be easily incorporated into existing portal products.

Natural language search. Users can search across multiple information systems and over 200 file formats using natural language--familiar terms and concepts instead of rigid keywords. Additionally, with BrainEKP 3.0, Web search integrates third-party information seamlessly with proprietary data.

Universal data access. Information from all sources can be connected in BrainEKP, and new rules-based links enable the automatic linking of related data from disparate repositories.

Integrated document management. In addition to the ability to connect to existing document management systems, such as Open Text and Documentum, BrainEKP now offers built-in document version control, update notification and approvals

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