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Discovering expertise—digitally

Capturing memories through images is something that Eastman Kodak has specialized in. Now the company is counting on software from Tacit to help it capture expertise.

Kodak will use Tacit's KnowledgeMail expertise infrastructure software in its Commercial and Government Systems (C&GS, kodak.com/US/en/government) unit. According to a news release from Tacit, the system will help Kodak project teams identify and share expertise, coordinate development activities and build international networks. The software is said to automatically discover the activity and expertise of people in an organization and connect them in real time to improve enterprise coordination and productivity, while protecting individual privacy.

"Our goal is to accelerate the design and development process and reduce overall costs," explains Kodak's Frank Koester. "The increased efficiency will help drive the success and competitiveness of our unit and our company, and allow us to pass savings on to our customers." Koester is VP of technical operations with C&GS.

Peter Spina, Tacit's national sales manager for Scientific Solutions, says, "Kodak has well-established design and development processes, and it uses systems for information sharing and collaboration. It was important for them to add the capability to connect the right people—but just as important not to disrupt those processes and systems, add work for staff or add a steep learning curve for new software."

Kodak's C&GS unit provides image information solutions to government and commercial customers in such areas as aerial imaging, digital imaging systems for commercial imaging satellites and optical systems for land-based and space-based telescopes.

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