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Fenwick & West deploys HotDocs firmwide

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To automate and speed the document generation process, Fenwick & West, a technology and life sciences law firm, has deployed HotDocs. The firm has 300 attorneys working in offices across Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Seattle.

Mark Gerow, director of application development and business process, explains, “We chose HotDocs because it was accessible to our legal professionals and had good traction across the legal industry. Our corporate attorneys like the standardization, ease of use and the fact that they can create packages of documents with the data gathered from client interviews. For developers, HotDocs provides a good framework for delivering customized document workflow solutions.”

Another feature that Fenwick attorneys like is the ability to have external-facing HotDocs interviews that clients can fill out directly. The answers are written back to internal answer files, and then attorneys review the documents. After the documents are generated, they are uploaded to Adobe EchoSign for e-signature by the client and stored in OpenText Hummingbird document management system. As a result, attorneys can provide higher-quality services to their clients more efficiently, according to HotDocs.

Also, the technology has been integrated with the firm’s SharePoint environment to provide template management and remote access for attorneys. In an average month, more than 850 legal documents are generated from 89 different HotDocs interview sessions.

Gerow says, “The attorneys at Fenwick have really jumped in with both feet … HotDocs has allowed us to reduce turnaround time for legal document generation, allowing our attorneys to focus their expertise on addressing legal issues unique to each of our clients.”

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