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Improving corporate IQ

User stories from the knowledge front

A new portal will provide 11,000 UnumProvident employees with a unified process for enterprise information access and decision-making.

The Fortune 500 insurance company will use the Coreport access framework from Corechange to support ongoing business operations, to increase customer service and satisfaction, and to improve employee communications and faster time to market.

“Our overarching vision is to have a single point of entry to the company’s full range of resources,” explains J. Harold Chandler, chairman, president and CEO of UnumProvident. “In addition, the portal will provide a means for capturing and sharing best practices—in short, improving our ‘corporate IQ.’ ”

The insurance company will use the software, which was chosen after 14 months of planning and research, to integrate multiple intranets and provide personalized, role-based views of enterprise information and selected external sources

According to company CIO Robert O. Best, “If employees can access pertinent information easily, they will be able to make critical business decisions quickly and with confidence, whether that employee is in a call center or in the board room. Ultimately this will reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction levels, improve the quality of decisions and decrease our sales cycle time.

The deployment will eventually extend to UnumProvident’s external constituencies, including agents, brokers, business partners, customers and investors

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