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Seek, take AIIM and you shall find what our readers are looking for and where they might find it in Atlanta

For KMWorld readers thinking about AIIM, hot topics seem to be how technologies like workflow, document management and Web-based applications can be used effectively to facilitate knowledge management.

An informal poll of a group of our readers showed that they are looking for "what's new" with those technologies (and some others) and how to gain the most from them. Will they have the opportunity to answer those questions in Atlanta? It appears so.

Most respondents were interested in the relationship of technologies--how they work together. For instance, Adam Klein, project manager for Home Depot (Atlanta), wants to learn how "E-commerce is related to workflow integration. How will it work?"

One booth to visit on the show floor for a possible answer to that question is Optika (www.optika.com, #4128).

A year ago, Optika introduced its EMedia platform for business-to-business E-commerce, managing paper, EDI and Web-based transactions. The system, which became generally available in the fall, uses extranets to enable supply chain partners to access transaction information, communicate and resolve difficulties.

Optika has recently announced partnerships to integrate with UWI.Com (www.uwi.com) for secure XML forms over the Web and PenOp (www.penop.com) for electronic signature and digital certificate technologies.

Also, Optika has added a new component to EMedia: capture. The new module, ECapture allows direct scanning and indexing into EMedia. A component-based system, ECapture is designed to streamline the document capture and indexing process through full-featured scanning and indexing tools written to leverage the EMedia environment.

IntraNet Solutions (www.intranetsol.com, #4143) might also provide an answer to linking document/content management solutions with E-commerce. In December, the company acquired Softgoods Development, an E-commerce start-up company, and released a product incorporating its technology.

"Adding an electronic commerce product enhances our virtual enterprise strategy for companies that need to disseminate information to employees, business partners and customers--anywhere, anytime," said Robert Olson, president and CEO of IntraNet Solutions. "This new offering will allow customers to better manage and control the sale of Web content on intranets, extranets and the Internet."

At AIIM, IntraNet Solutions will unveil a new product--a developers toolkit designed to help customers customize their application for enterprise use.

For reader Toni Schulenburg, project manager at Enron (Houston), connecting document management and workflow with the Web will be of key interest at AIIM'99.

Certainly that topic will be a focus at many stops along the show floor, but one booth to visit is Westbrook Technologies (www.filemagic.com, #3545).

Fortis Workflow will be the newest addition to the Fortis 32-bit client-server document management software suite shown at AIIM. It's a rules-based component designed for high-volume processing of standard paths or work procedures within an organization. That option offers an organization complete automation of its business processes to improve efficiency and delivery of information.

"Our new developments in Fortis and File Magic (Westbrook's other DM suite) offer users even faster access to vital information through a host of mediums--be it the worldwide Web, a WAN or a workflow path--enabling the user to make timely, informed business decisions to stay ahead of the competition," said Sean Donegan, Westbrook president and CEO.

When it comes to seeing different technologies interact, a sure stop on the show floor is the Standards-at-Work Pavilion, presented by the AIIM standards group. The pavilion is tagged "interoperability made intelligible."

At last year's AIIM show, workflow was a hot topic. It looks like the thirst still hasn't been quenched--it was a high priority for several readers.

It's not just about the technology though.

Some other vendor booths to visit for workflow enhancements include Keyfile (www.keyfile.com, #1947) and Mosaix (www.mosaix.com, #1709).

Imaging: What's new?

The latest in imaging technology remains an important building block for many KMWorld readers.

"We are constantly searching for smarter, more effective ways to implement imaging, document management and workflow," said Marc Andrews of Virtual Corporation (Charlotte, NC).

Among the tools and features he's interested in are Web-based implementation, personalization and new features and functionality for both software and hardware.

There will be no shortage of developments in the imaging space at AIIM this year. Here's a list of some of them:

Eastman Software (www.eastmansoftware.com, #2816) will show its COLD 3.1, as well as some other new products to be announced. COLD 3.1, a client-server software tool that addresses storing, indexing and retrieving a high volume of computer data, provides enhanced integration possibilities.

Macrosoft (www.macrosoft.com, #3634) will unveil a major upgrade of its Synergy product, tentatively called Synergy 2000.

On the capture side, Datacap (www.datacap.com, #1327) will feature specialty capture systems for both health insurers and tax processors.

Datamax (www.ddtmx.com, #1747), will show its newly released VisiFlow software suite for imaging, workflow, COLD and forms recognition.

Cardiff Software (www.cardiffsw.com, #1317) will showcase new features in its TeleForm Version 6 capture solution, as well as a new module for the company's healthcare-specific tool MediClaim.

Digitech Systems (www.dsiflow.com, #2225) will debut its newest version of DataFlow, a digital archiving software.

ST Imaging, a division of Digital Check (www.digitalcheck.com, #2834), will announce its new Digital Library Research Microfilm reader, the Gideon 2000. Digital Check will show its TellerScan 400 high-speed countertop check scanner.

VisionShape (www.visionshape.com, #2846) will unveil three new products: a line of high-speed desktop production scanners, a TIFF image viewer plug-in for the Internet, including zone and page OCR, and a set of Active-X software recognition tools.

Amitech (www.amitech.com, #2235) will show two new products: TurboScan 2000 for automated backfile conversion of microfilm and paper records, and a new high-performance microfilm scanner.

Metafile Information Systems (www.metafile.com, #2852) will introduce a new version of its integrated imaging and COLD suite MetaViewer Enterprise.

Absent from the mix

FileNet (www.filenet.com), a long-time cornerstone on the AIIM show floor, will be absent from this year's show.

According to a statement from the company, "FileNet is not participating in AIIM'99 based on its refocused marketing initiative to address key vertical markets, which includes directing resources toward participation in vertical industry trade shows."

JetForm (www.jetform.com), a frequenter of AIIM shows, will also step away from the show floor this year.

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