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Enterprise e-mail migration from Metalogix

Metalogix has introduced Email Migrator, which permits the consolidation of disparate archive approaches into a complete e-mail archive management solution, enhance archive access and provide more choices to reduce storage costs on-premise or in the cloud.

The first version, Metalogix Email Migrator for Enterprise Vault, is designed to help organizations forego expensive and cumbersome legacy e-mail archive platforms. It is also said to reduce overall management costs, as well as mitigate legacy support and maintenance contracts associated with them while consolidating archives on more robust, purpose-built cloud or hybrid cloud platforms, says Metalogix.

The company has also announced Archive Manager Exchange and Files Edition, which features improved support for Microsoft Server 2012 by integrating Metalogix single-instance storage technology with built-in deduplication. Office 365 archiving has been added to Archive Manager for organizations that need to archive on-premises or in another cloud environment for backup or e-mail compliance strategies. Further, a new e-discovery engine provides a professional and affordable solution for processing and reviewing documents in response to an e-discovery order.

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