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Securely separating business from personal for BYOD

Accellion has integrated its Mobile App with MobileIron AppConnect. The move allows users to securely share and manage files from their mobile device while separating business and personal data and providing the mobile IT organization with the security and access controls it needs.

MobileIron is a provider of security and management for mobile apps, documents and devices. Through MobileIron AppConnect, the Accellion Mobile App becomes part of an ecosystem of apps that enable organizations to enhance mobile productivity while ensuring security and control. Accellion says its solution provides secure viewing, editing, sharing and syncing of enterprise content on smartphones and tablets. Users can create and edit Microsoft Office-compatible documents within the secure Accellion environment. In addition, Accellion provides secure, real-time mobile access to files stored in SharePoint, Windows File Shares and other ECM systems without the need for a virtual private network (VPN).

The integration of Accellion with MobileIron AppConnect is said to deliver a seamless user experience for accessing and sharing enterprise content securely on mobile devices while allowing IT to manage content policies and access controls at the enterprise level. IT administrators can set policies for content security including the ability to selectively wipe the app container and all its contents, while keeping other device data intact.

The Accellion Mobile App for MobileIron AppConnect offers the following security capabilities:

  • authentication to confirm users’ identity with domain username and password or certificates;
  • authorization to allow or block app usage globally or at the individual user level;
  • dynamic policy control, allowing administrators to centrally manage and dynamically update app policies;
  • content restriction controls to set restriction policies, such as copy/paste usage and open-in accessibility; and
  • automatic decommission in the event a device is compromised, which allows organizations to de-authorize or retire devices while also wiping the device’s stored data.

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