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Trend-Setting Products of 2012: KnowledgeLake: Unify for SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Unify surfaces SharePoint content to line of business applications to enable users to search, reference and archive documents in SharePoint without leaving the familiar business application. The ability to gain instant access to any document the moment it is needed improves productivity and customer satisfaction. The same content can be shared between various business applications and departments.  KnowledgeLake Unify features include: One click "Capture and Index" to SharePoint of paper and electronic files. Search and retrieve unstructured content from SharePoint with one click of a button embedded in your business application. The Unify solution is context-aware; the action buttons only display when integrations are available within your business application (e.g. per-screen or per-tab).  Packaged integration templates are provided for scanning, searching and viewing SharePoint content. In addition, KnowledgeLake Unify provides many business benefits such as users' ability to retrieve and view documents directly from the business application, keeping focus on the current work environment and minimizing distractions, improving response time and customer satisfaction. There is increased productivity through quicker access to documents; meaning faster processing and routing of applications, invoices, approvals, and workflow completion. In turn, there is a high adoption rate because users continue to work with familiar business screens versus learning a new user interface. Organizations are able to take advantage of your SharePoint investment without having to train your organization how to use SharePoint.  Unify allows users to take advantage of SharePoint for other document management functionality including Collaboration, Records Management, Compliance, Business Intelligence and Workflow.

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