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Quicker test development and analysis

Castle Worldwide, a certification and licensure testing company, uses analytics technology to help meet the measurement accuracy required for standardized tests. For example, when the company tests medical and nursing specialties, its psychometric work prevents unqualified individuals from performing medical procedures. Castle uses SAS Analytics to collect and analyze test information, improve the measurement fidelity of tests and demonstrate the validity and reliability of examinations.

The SAS technology has helped streamline Castle Worldwide’s analytics process and reduced its test development timeline by two to three weeks. With the quicker timeline, Castle can expand to serve industries that have rapid rates of changes such as information technology and medical specialties where accuracy and speed are needed to win contracts.

Andrew C. Dwyer, Ph.D., senior psychometrician at Castle Worldwide, says, “Before SAS, our analytics process was more operationally fragmented. Pulling data from our databases, cleaning and restructuring it, analyzing it and creating presentable reports were accomplished using multiple software programs, and it was a source of inefficiency for us. In addition, detailed documentation of our statistical processes, a legal imperative for us, was time-consuming, and time is money. Now, SAS documents our workflow so we can more quickly replicate the process. That supports our excellent reputation in psychometrics and test delivery while providing us

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