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Flexibility flourishes in the cloud

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Smartsheet is provided on a subscription basis with costs dependent on the number of users and the features selected; because it is a cloud application, no client software is required. The company also offers Smartsheet as an app in marketplaces such as Google and Salesforce. When used in conjunction with those applications, Smartsheet can be accessed via the toolbar and does not require a separate sign-on. "We created a user-oriented product," says Frei, "but it also has all the features needed to integrate it into an enterprise environment, such as integration with security."

Addressing business needs

Cypress Grove Chevre, which produces and sells goat cheese, is using Smartsheet to address a wide range of business requirements. Network administrator Ian Ray says, "We had many ongoing business processes that had the potential to be more organized and efficient. I discovered Smartsheet in the Google Apps marketplace, and when we tested it, our employees found it to be very intuitive and easy to use."

Cypress Grove first used Smartsheet at the executive management level to develop and track a five-year strategic plan for the company. Subsequently, other functions, such as preventive maintenance and marketing, were added. "We list various pieces of equipment and their subcomponents," Ray says, "and Smartsheet documents the history of work done on each one."

The marketing group tracks campaigns and events, for which Smartsheet provides a "percent completed" measure at each milestone. In addition, large files for marketing materials can be listed in the spreadsheet cells and a link provided to each one. Because all information is stored in the cloud, it is accessible by individuals in any location, including the parent company in Switzerland.

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