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RSD, Pierre Van Beneden CEO: View From the Top

In today's business environment, corporate malfeasance in the management of business-related information can cost a company millions in penalties and even more in damage to brand image.  Protecting the business is why companies have records management (RM). They want to advance the corporate compliance agenda, mitigate risks and improve the value of business information in all its forms in order to grow. To do that, they have to apply legally defensible governance controls over corporate records throughout their lengthy and complex lifecycle: across jurisdictions, business units, IT systems, and physical warehouses.

Information governance is the most recent winner of buzzword bingo in the enterprise. Information governance promises to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and ensure that information assets are systematically looked after in a compliant, sustainable and economical manner. More than simple retention and disposition, information governance includes the management of metadata and security classifications, changes to data privacy attributes, and management of digital rights outside the firewall across multiple jurisdictions.

Like so many initiatives, information governance is straightforward... but not that simple. RSD is the first to deliver a patent-pending solution addressing all phases of the enterprise information lifecycle across all your repositories and physical warehouses. RSD GLASSTM helps organizations manage corporate risk and improve operational efficiency as they achieve compliance with regulations and laws governing corporate records. RSD GLASS manages policy for retention and disposition, data privacy, declassification, tier migration, and associates policies with laws and regulations. RSD GLASS combines policy management with a systematic enforcement process across business functions, jurisdictions, and isolated silos of information.

RSD Inc.
Glenpointe Centre East, Suite 54
300 Frank W. Burr Boulevard
Teaneck NJ 07666
PH: 201.996.1000
FAX: 201.996.1001
Contact: info@rsd.com
Web: www.rsd.com

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