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Hivemine, Peter Holland CEO: View From the Top

You're sitting on top of a gold mine of knowledge. The problem is that it's locked in your people's heads or buried in mountains of unstructured data. Traditional KM solutions with their lack of engagement have failed to solve the problem. New enterprise social networking applications are great at improving collaboration, but not at building a long-lasting store of knowledge.

AskMe by Hivemine is a new kind of knowledge management solution that combines the structure and process of traditional KM solutions with the engagement benefits of social business software. AskMe connects your people and mines their social interactions and content for nuggets of information. Those nuggets are transformed into knowledge capital-business gold that can be cashed in by anyone in your organization. Use your knowledge capital to boost innovation, avoid costly duplication of effort, make better decisions and minimize the effects of "brain drain."

AskMe can be used as a standalone knowledge management solution complete with social tools, or layered on top of collaboration platforms like Microsoft® SharePoint® or enterprise social networking tools.

AskMe's knowledge management capabilities include:

  • Finding the right experts with auto-profiling techniques
  • Aggregating relevant content across enterprise data stores
  • Assigning a value to content based on feedback
  • Transforming ad hoc social interactions into knowledge capital

For over ten years, AskMe has helped Fortune 500 companies build their knowledge capital in complex enterprise environments. From sophisticated workflow features to deep integration capabilities, AskMe is proven in the enterprise and ready for deployment in any size of organization.

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