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Exsys, Dustin Huntington President: View From the Top

Knowledge Automation Expert Systems - The Best Way to Provide Advice

The vast majority of the decision-making tasks employees and customers must perform can easily be done when assisted by experienced "experts". The problem is lack of access to the experts that have that expertise. It is impossible to have experts available for everyone, but it is very feasible to deliver many aspects of their expert knowledge online 24/7.

Non-programmer domain experts can build Exsys Corvid® systems. They are automated, computer programs that emulate the interaction a person would have talking to a hu-man expert to get situation-specific advice or recommendations. This technology is particularly effective for interactive web sites in providing ad-vice for diagnostics, product support, regulatory compliance, pre-sales advice, web site "concierge", smart questionnaires and a wide range of other areas needing expert decision-making advice.

Corvid systems provide consistent, current recommendations, integrate with other web and IT resources, automatically generate reports and documents and enable various web site self-services. They can be run on various platforms, in multiple languages and integrate with a variety of rich-media user interfaces.

For over 29 years Exsys has been helping industry and government deliver advisory expert systems. Our case studies (www.exsys.com/casestudies.html) illustrate the many successful ways Exsys systems have been used to provide thousands of solutions in many areas for small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, the military and government agencies. Visit our web site for a free download, to set up a live demo meeting conference or to discuss your advisory system needs.

Exsys Inc.
6301 Indian School Rd. NE
Suite 700
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Web: www.exsys.com
Tel: 505.888.9494
Email: info@exsys.com

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