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Content Analyst, Kurt Michel President & CEO: View From the Top

Big Data is here—as is the growing awareness that businesses have a universal challenge in realizing the value locked in their unstructured information stores.

The Legal Community provides a good example of how analytics drives insight and creates efficiency; Content Analyst Company now has over twenty partners using CAAT analytics as part of their e-discovery solution. CAAT has been proven to reduce the total cost of review while improving the quality of the overall review process. CAAT allows legal review teams to see the patterns in the document collections. CAAT also powers the e-discovery market leader's "Technology Assisted Review" product that replicates expert knowledge gained from a sample set across an entire discovery collection.

From "connect-the-dots" intelligence applications, Forensics applications that can identify the "what else" along with the "what," and Social Media analysis applications, CAAT analytics are central to business processes where gaining insight from unstructured information is a key requirement.

Content Analyst Company is committed to providing our OEM partners with the most powerful analytics technology. We designed CAAT, our Advanced Analytics platform, as an OEM offering from the ground up, to enable our partners to leverage the power of analytics.

By deploying CAAT analytics-enabled solutions that deal with data as it enters business systems, companies can gain better control of information throughout its lifecycle. We invite KMWorld's readers to learn more about Content Analyst Company, our OEM platform CAAT, our industry-leading ContentCare support, and how Advanced Analytics technology is changing how businesses deliver insight from unstructured information.

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