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Toyota opts for flexible, scalable archiving solution

Toyota Motor Sales USA has implemented software from ZL Technologies to solve its in-house e-mail archiving challenges. Toyota will use ZL’s Unified Archive to help manage and meet regulatory and compliance obligations.

The solution seamlessly archives on a single platform dozens of file types for storage optimization, e-discovery, compliance and records management, ZL Technologies says. The company adds that its solution ensures that only one data copy is stored enterprisewide, enabling large organizations to streamline their e-discovery process, improve process efficiency and reduce costs.

Eric Lieber, director of legal technology at Toyota Motor Sales USA, says, “We deployed ZL Unified Archive because we required an e-mail archiving solution that was scalable and flexible and would meet the company’s archiving requirements.”

ZL CEO Kon Leong says, “Escalating demands require an integrated approach. ZL’s unified approach is at the cutting edge of a necessary convergence toward total centralized control of enterprise content. Large forward-looking corporations such as Toyota now invest with a mind toward the long-term benefits of a unified approach.”

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