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Trend-Setting Products of 2011:
Abbyy USA, Acquia, AnyDoc Software, Concept Searching

ABBYY USA: FineReader Online
FineReader Online makes it easy for you to convert images from your desktop, camera or smartphone without installing or learning any new software. You can take any document and turn it into an editable Word, Excel, RTF or TXT document. FineReader Online also quickly turns your images into searchable PDFs for easy sharing and archiving. You can process multiple multi-lingual documents simultaneously.

How does it work?
It only takes three quick and easy steps with FineReader Online to convert your documents. First, you upload your documents. Second, select the recognition language and output format. Then click the Submit button and your results will be ready to download in seconds. 

880 North McCarthy Blvd.
Suite 220
Milpitas, CA 95035

Ph: 866-463-7689

Acquia: Acquia Network

The Acquia Network provides a broad array of software & services to create and maintain killer web experiences built on Drupal, one of the fastest growing web development platforms. The Acquia Network empowers both new and seasoned Drupal developers with the answers, tools and support to be successful.

The Acquia Library provides answers through hundreds of help and how-to articles, videos and podcasts. The Acquia Network provides tools to monitor site health and performance, track and update modules, or extend a site with cloud-based services. Whether it's search, spam blocking, performance monitoring or going mobile, the Acquia Network includes the tools and S-a-a-S services necessary to help deliver the very best website experience. And Acquia's team of experienced Drupalists is available to provide ticket-based, critical support when needed or just provide some advice along the way.

Acquia, Inc.
150 Presidential Way, Suite 310
Woburn MA 01801

PH: 888.922.7842 or 978.296.5250
Contact: sales@acquia.com
Web: www.acquia.com

AnyDoc Software: AnyDoc® CAPTUREit

AnyDoc®CAPTUREit empowers you to scan documents from remote office locations and securely transmit images over the Internet to a central location for processing. By eliminating the delays of manual document routing, you'll have the data needed to make better business decisions faster. And the hassles caused by lost documents, postage and courier expenses, manual indexing, and more can be a thing of the past.

CAPTUREit can operate as a stand-alone application for distributed or local document capture, or as part of an OCR for AnyDoc® automated data capture processing solution. OCR for AnyDoc automatically captures data from nearly any document, alleviating the burden of manual processing. Accurate, validated data and indexed images are then seamlessly delivered into any ECM, ERP, accounting, or other back-end system.

AnyDoc Software, Inc.
One Tampa City Center, Suite 800
Tampa FL 33602

PH: 813.222.0414
FAX: 813.222.0018
Contact: info@anydocsoftware.com
Web: www.anydocsoftware.com

Concept Searching: conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Metadata Generation, Classification, and Taxonomy Management in SharePoint
Concept Searching is the only statistical metadata generation and classification software company in the world that uses compound term processing to extract meaning from unstructured information through conceptual metadata generation, auto-classification and powerful enterprise taxonomy management. Microsoft's only managed partner in the space, the Microsoft suite of products are unique in their native integration with the SharePoint 2010 Term Store and managed metadata properties.  The suite is used to improve search, enable effective records management, identify and lock down sensitive information and enhance governance thereby reducing risk.

For more information about Concept Searching's innovative solutions and technologies please visit www.conceptsearching.com.

Concept Searching, Inc.
8300 Greensboro Drive
Suite 800
McLean VA 22102

PH: 703.531.8567
FAX: 814.286.4647
Contact: info-usa@conceptsearching.com
Web: www.conceptsearching.com

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