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  • August 5, 2011
  • News

Big data meets Endeca and Apache Hadoop

Endeca has announced native integration of its BI product Latitude with Apache Hadoop. With Latitude, Endeca claims it is solving the agile BI and big data challenges businesses face today: more sources and types of data, more change, and more users asking the unanticipated questions that directly affect immediate business performance.

Latitude is based on the Endeca MDEX hybrid search analytical database and, says the company, is especially well matched with Apache Hadoop, which is known for its ability to manipulate semi-structured data.

Endeca says its approach to agile BI requires a complete data-driven solution that unites integration, exploration and analysis from source data through user access that can quickly adapt to changing data, changing data sources and changing user needs. Further, Endeca explains, the combined Latitude and Apache Hadoop solution minimizes data modeling, cleansing and conforming of data prior to unlocking the value of big data for users. The result is a solution that requires just 20 percent of the time and costs of traditional data warehousing approaches, claims Endeca.

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