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ATTIVIO | Insight That Matters

Technology analysts extol the importance of making enterprise information actionable; that is, available and analyzable on demand for a full, timely picture of potential problems and new opportunities.  Of course, unstructured data sources, such as documents, spreadsheets, emails, news feeds, blogs and more, are an indispensible source of business information.  Enterprise search enables quick access to desired unstructured information; however, structured information, such as data warehouses and transactional databases, remains isolated from unstructured information.  Unfortunately, assembling related structured and unstructured information together from their separate information silos requires significant manual effort and precious IT resources, often resulting in stale, still-incomplete information. 

Attivio has solved the critical challenge of converging previously isolated structured and unstructured information sources through its unified information access (UIA) platform, enabling comprehensive, easily-accessed, business-building insights drawn from analyzing enterprise information assets as a whole.

The Attivio Active Intelligence EngineTM (AIE) enables UIA for your organization by integrating enterprise search, business intelligence and business analytic capabilities in a single system to provide answers and intelligence-not just data. With AIE, users easily retrieve and analyze all types of content and data at once, with simple, search-style queries or, when needed, with more complex and precise SQL queries. The AIE platform brings immediacy and depth to the information that drives organizations, uniting in-depth content and text analytics with normalized, related data from any source. AIE enables rich applications, such as dashboards, that provide a comprehensive view across documents, websites, emails and more, as well as data that has traditionally been limited to database applications. 

Attivio AIE directly ingests data in over 500 formats with no need for time-consuming data modeling, so information can be accessed as soon as it is received. A universal index, complete with comprehensive security, simplifies and automates access and sharing of information.  

Unlike traditional dashboards populated by databases with pre-defined queries, AIE-driven dashboards also include the latest search functionality to simplify finding exactly what the user needs, drawn from combined structured and unstructured information.  AIE goes even further by providing drill-down capabilities to explore related documents and other details, to help users gain new business insights which otherwise might have gone undiscovered.

Behind the scenes, programmed queries can also automate information delivery, sending insight to user interfaces, other applications or directly to users via alerts, using simple or complex triggers, enabling effective workflow and initiating real-time business processes.

Attivio's dynamic approach to UIA features rapid development, true incremental scalability and a small footprint that can be easily embedded in other products and applications. Business and IT leaders from a variety of industries-including financial services, e-business, media, technology, government and more-as well as system integrators and independent software vendors partner with Attivio to uncover new insights that drive innovation, reveal new opportunities, mitigate risk and decrease costs. Please visit www.attivio.com for more information.

Attivio, Inc.
275 Grove St.
Newton, MA 02466

Contact:  info@attivio.com
Web:  www.attivio.com

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