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  • February 28, 2011
  • News

Acquia adds Dev Cloud option to Drupal platform

Acquia has announced Dev Cloud, a new self-service hosting platform targeted at professional developers running one or more sites on a single server instance.

Acquia reports Dev Cloud is built on a proven cloud hosting platform that is currently serving more than 2.2 billion HTTP requests per month. Dev Cloud enables developers to manage their entire Drupal workflow process from development to staging and production on their Dev Cloud server. Available for purchase with a Professional or the new Developer subscription to the Acquia Network, Dev Cloud gives professional developers unparalleled freedom to manage multiple client sites on a single server directly from the command line, or from within the Acquia network.

For sites that require a fully redundant, highly available environment, Acquia Managed Cloud delivers a high performance infrastructure for sites with greater traffic loads, says Acquia. It adds Managed Cloud gives site owners the on-demand elasticity they demand to respond to spikes in traffic without interruption.

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