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  • September 8, 2010
  • News

From workflow to FreeFlow

Polymita has introduced FreeFlow, the next generation in business process management (BPM). Polymita FreeFlow, which enables the implementation of unstructured processes at any time or as a part of a structured process, covers all the business scenarios that need unstructured and collaborative processes.

Integrated into Polymita Version 6, it provides collaboration features, assigning unplanned tasks to users, adding new users or adding new documents or data that are needed to manage the incident, emergency or unplanned change. The FreeFlow users access the same process context that the original process (data, documents, indicators, business rules) and supports collaboration, approval, delegation, alerts and cancellation tasks.

Further, says the company, FreeFlow provides the ability to create dynamic workflows, both within a process and independently, with dynamic assignment of roles, on-demand creation tasks from structured processes and their control and supervision, as well as other features. Polymita FreeFlow can be used on-premise, as software as a service or through the cloud.

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