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Quintura releases V. 2.0

Quintura has released Version 2.0 of Quintura Site Search for Web publishers and Webmasters. Quintura indexes Web sites and creates a cloud of keywords (tags) of the most important words and phrases from the site. The service includes search statistics, options to display ads and links in search results, as well as related links.

The updated version features a new control panel for creating and editing a site search, giving Webmasters a tool for configuring and customizing the search. Search options settings are grouped within tabs provided with hints.

New site search and tag cloud (keywords) settings include:

Search box and results—Quintura offers search results pages using the search box and results list, without tag clouds.

Tag cloud management—Editors and administrators can add to the tag cloud the most popular themes and words from the site.

New view modes of the tag cloud—In the "alphabet" cloud, the words are sorted alphabetically. In a cloud with "falling" words, words are poured into a cloud, like into a glass. In the "peeping" words mode, words are "following" after the movements of the mouse cursor.

Uniting search clouds using tabs—Users can combine several site search clouds using tabs, enabling them to create a unified search through several Web sites on a common theme or belonging to a single publisher. That provides users with a choice of where to search and find the articles they are interested in. Search requests can be redirected from one site to the other with one click.

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