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View From The Top: Reprints Desk

Reprints Desk, Inc.
CEO and Chairman Peter Derycz

Knowledge management (KM) owns a critical role in aiding organizations to continuously drive improvements in performance, business processes, innovation, asset utilization and collaboration. Reprints Desk, a subsidiary of Derycz Scientific, Inc., is a trusted workflow and compliance partner for organizations of all sizes who are committed to continuous advancements in KM—from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups, academic institutions, and government entities from around the world.

As an integrator and aggregator in the knowledge management and information management industries, we at Reprints Desk consider ourselves an “integgregator.” We are a trusted intermediary bringing together reliable technology and service providers with publishers of high value peer-reviewed content to deliver solutions that simplify the complex KM challenges faced by the knowledge-driven organizations who are our customers. We work closely with clients to help them automate critical internal knowledge management functions and improve their ability to manage the re-use lifecycle for scientific literature within internal and external environments—with a focus on research and development, regulatory submissions, brand management, sales and marketing, and education.

Current offerings include: document delivery services and systems for research; literature preparation services for regulatory submissions; software services for compliance with copyright and industry-specific regulatory requirements; aggregation services that make electronic content easily and legally available; bulk article reprint services; printing, print-on-demand, and information logistics; and outsourced publishers services.

Reprints Desk, Inc.
a Derycz Scientific Company
The Americas: +1 310.477.0354
Europe: + 49 221 169 15 19

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