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  • February 8, 2010
  • News

Easing DM

ACOM Solutions has added features to its EZContentManager system said to provide administrators with greater flexibility and control and bring increased operating convenience to users. The company reports EZContentManager is a Web-based document management system that allows companies to centralize corporate files of any type in a single-password-secured data repository, with browser-driven retrieval and distribution engines enabling fast and convenient searching and handling under metadata or full-text search, says ACOM.

New administrative support features in EZContentManager 3.9 include:

  • a new layer of security based on document type and metadata (indexed field) values, increasing the amount of security that can be added to a group or user profile as well as what can be accessed through EZContentManager,
  • the ability to edit group membership at the user level, aiding administrators in maintaining groups and their associated permissions,
  • the ability to "globalize"—make available to all document types—metadata fields that are selection lists;
  • the ability to add field constraints to index field values, creating a validation mechanism that assures that the field always contains the correct input; and
  • addition of a faxed-document report to Administrative Tools

Enhancements providing increased user efficiency include:

  • the ability to retrieve indexed field from a database when manually uploading a document;
  • the addition of "move" to the existing cut/copy/paste editing features
  • the ability to roll back from a versioned document to the original version, allowing users to view the modification process; and
  • the ability to email linked/associated documents in a single outbound message.

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