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Signature verification software helps detect fraud

A Moscow law firm used signature verification software to help recover $160,000 from fraudulent activity, according to a news release from Parascript, whose SignatureXpert solution was deployed. The software helped detect fraudulent signatures on certain financial documents in a major debt collection case in Moscow related to the delivery of saw-timber materials.

Parascript reports that SignatureXpert analyzed and verified suspect signatures against proven valid signatures from job applications, labor agreements, invoices and other documents. Advanced verification technology and methodology were applied to execute graphology analysis and to detect forgeries on suspect documents. As a result, signatures on certain documents were confirmed to be fraudulent, and a Moscow court determined the results provided proof for initiating subsequent forensic examination and expert study in the Russian Federal Center of Forensic Sciences under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

A. Gareev, chairman of the Moscow law firm Gareev, Muslov and Partners, says, “The forensic study confirmed the signature verification results and conclusions obtained by SignatureXpert. Results of the forensic expertise were used as evidence and served as the basis for the decision of the Arbitration Court of Moscow to proceed with the $160,000 debt collection case. We are very pleased with the accuracy and reliability delivered by the signature authentication technology.”

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