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View From The Top: Attivio

Attivio’s award-winning Active Intelligence Engine™ is powering today’s critical business solutions with a completely new approach to unifying information access. By extending enterprise search capabilities across documents, data, and media, AIE brings depth and agility to business applications and websites.

Only Attivio AIE delivers answers and actions derived from all types of content and data by providing an advanced platform with information-driven workflow, real-time updates and comprehensive security. Tech-savvy business champions, IT leaders, system integrators, and independent software vendors partner with Attivio to gain immediate access to complete insight, automate business processes, and seize competitive advantage. Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine is the first Unified Information Access platform to provide a complete view of the relevant information landscape, making all content truly actionable by embedding it directly into business systems and processes. AIE can push data to users and to other systems as new content matches saved queries, leading the evolution from finding information to effectively using information.

With modern enterprise search software at its root, AIE lets you integrate content and data from internal and external source systems to support multiple applications for Web portals, eMedia, voice of the customer solutions, data privacy, e-discovery and data analysis. AIE features simple integration, true incremental scalability, and a tiny footprint and can be easily embedded in other products and applications. AIE’s flexible design reduces risk and speeds innovation through rapid prototyping and deployment.

Please visit www.attivio.com.

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