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TSAS enhances its ability to respond in tough economic times

The Salvation Army Southern Territory (TSAS) has chosen a constituent relationship management (CRM) solution to meet the difficult challenge of helping people amidst an economic downturn and a rising need for services.

The organization has chosen Blackbaud Enterprise CRM as a centralized database to share information divisionwide, improve reporting and streamline operations.

"The solution was the clear choice for The Salvation Army Southern Territory. Built on the .NET Infinity platform, the system will empower our users to easily access only the data they need based on each of their specific job functions," says Commissioner Max Feener, who leads TSAS. "It was not only the technology that led us to Blackbaud, but its people and expertise with federated organizations. It has the experience to support integrated fundraising for large organizations and the knowledge to help us spread best practices throughout the territory."

Previously when TSAS responded to a regional disaster, for example, it faced a significant manual effort to create a connected view of constituent information, according to a press release from Blackbaud. Executive-level views were amplified manually to add missing information. Financial and fundraising reporting required manual processes and consumed valuable staff time.

"By partnering with Blackbaud, we will be able to share best practices with internal stakeholders across the territory at all levels of fundraising, from direct marketing to major and planned giving, as well as with the constituent engagements such as events and volunteer coordination," says Major Ron Busroe, TSAS secretary for community relations and development. "Our previous system did not easily support this sharing and did not interact easily with third-party applications. With the new solution, we will be able to integrate our disaster relief system and quickly find responders who are available across the territory, improving the speed and impact of our disaster relief response."

TSAS includes nine divisions representing 15 southeastern states and the District of Columbia.

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