Virgin Mobile revamps its Web site

Virgin Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator in the United Kingdom, has deployed several content management solutions from Interwoven to redefine its Web strategy and better serve its 4 million customers.

With Virgin Mobile’s old Web site, rolling out content about new products, services and promotions was cumbersome. The company collected rich Web analytics, but was unable to act effectively on the results, according to a press release from Interwoven.

Phil Gates, head of online marketing and development at Virgin Mobile, explains, "Our customer is the focus of everything we do, and we wanted the Virgin Mobile Web experience to reflect that. We needed to have a stronger two-way conversation with our customers, and a way to respond faster to new service offerings and real-time customer feedback."

Virgin Mobile decided to implement Interwoven TeamSite as its standard platform for Web content creation, management and publishing. The deployment improved e-commerce capabilities, self-service and provisioning of products and services—through the integration of the Interwoven-powered Web front end with 15 back-end applications, according to Interwoven.

TeamSite also helped Virgin Mobile act on customer behavior data—delivered by Web analytics from Coremetrics (coremerics.com)—to optimize content for specific customer segments. For example, Virgin Mobile can introduce a new offer one day, see how the market responds and adjust it the following day, if necessary.

"After we make a change," says Gates, "we can immediately evaluate the impact of our change. More importantly, the content owner can easily make any needed adjustments to make sure we're reaching the right customers with the right message, in the right way to boost conversions and maximize their value to our business."

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