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  • January 10, 2007
  • News


Cardiff, a division of Autonomy, has introduced Expert Recommendation for Intelligent Documents (ERID), which is powered by Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL).

Cardiff explains ERID understands the meaning of an on-screen business document based on the concepts it contains, the person interacting with the document and the environmental context. Using this information, the system can instantly and automatically identify and link supporting content and experts with other relevant knowledge sources within the organization to assist the user in quickly completing a task while concurrently increasing decision confidence.

ERID links the entire enterprise, including people and documents, using the document itself as the medium. Cardiff further says within any industry such as financial services, insurance and healthcare, the experts, knowledge, documentation and regulations for any given activity or process are dispersed throughout the organization, especially those operating in distributed environments because knowledge dispersal presents a critical challenge to streamlining businesses processes, reducing errors and maintaining compliance.

The ERID offering is self-learning and self-adapting, says Cardiff, and is completely embedded within the document itself, requiring no peripheral application. In cases where subject matter experts are automatically identified and suggested, the user can choose to consult these experts through instant messaging, e-mail or other means to more effectively and confidently complete the task at hand.

As part of the Cardiff Intelligent Document suite, Expertise Recommendation for Intelligent Documents works in tandem with other modules to automate all aspects of both paper-based and Web-based, document-centric business processes.

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