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2006 KMWorld Promise and Reality Finalists: A2iA

How much knowledge is lost in your organization because it's on paper? The "paperless office" is becoming more fiction than reality as professionals and consumers continue to use paper for everyday tasks like note-taking and letter-writing. More important is the notion of bridging the gap between the paper and digital worlds by transforming paper-based text into actionable, searchable electronic data. A2iA technologies are helping to build that proverbial bridge.

A2iA is recognized as the worldwide leading developer of Intelligent Document Recognition and Intelligent Word Recognition technologies for classifying paper documents and extracting business-critical information, even text written in unconstrained handprint and cursive handwriting, and even from mere scraps of paper.

By combining advanced classification and recognition technologies to mimic a human speed-reader, A2iA DocumentReader quickly sorts unstructured documents and searches handwritten content, making it possible to mine data previously unavailable in electronic form. A2iA DocumentReader is integrated into next-generation content management, business intelligence, enterprise search, business process management, and other real-world KM applications; it is available to end users through A2iA's integrators and VARs.

A2iA has been helping businesses reduce data entry and improve business process automation for over 15 years. A2iA's recognition toolkits—A2iA CheckReader, A2iA FieldReader, A2iA AddressReader and A2iA DocumentReader—enhance solutions from the world's leading systems integrators and software vendors. More than 700 clients on five continents rely on A2iA technology to process over 30 billion documents annually.

A2iA Corporation
584 Broadway, Suite 810
New York, NY 10012

Phone: 917.237.0390
Fax: 917.237.0391
Web: www.a2ia.com

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