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Stravito supercharges confident knowledge search with latest conversational AI

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Stravito, the enterprise insights platform democratizing access to market research in the world’s largest organizations, is debuting Stravito Assistant, a generative AI (GenAI)-powered insights companion that enables insights professionals and business stakeholders to make informed, trusted decisions by engaging with proprietary data via rapid conversational search.

Stravito Assistant delivers a conversational approach to engage with enterprise insights, designed to prioritize a company’s latest data. Assistant can provide a cohesive summary of proprietary data from multiple sources based on the user’s particular needs, as well create assets based on the compiled data and engage in a two-way conversation with the user. Assistant further offers follow-up and clarifying questions to expand on the user’s original query.

“Given the conversational nature of Stravito Assistant, users are empowered to ask it a myriad of questions that will allow them to easily navigate a knowledge space and reduce time-to-insight in a secure and transparent way,” explained Thor Olof Philogène, founder and CEO of Stravito. “Users can ask broad, general population questions, or narrow their search by specifying based on location or time.”

Stravito Assistant’s dynamic approach to surfacing valuable insights gives enterprises a significant advantage in the productivity and efficiency of their daily operations, according to the company. By eradicating the need for tedious, manual knowledge search, Stravito forwards a human-centric approach to AI tech that positively augments business workflows.

Emphasizing ease of use and customization, Assistant accelerates time-to-insight with footnoted responses that link back to the source material to drive user trust. If Assistant detects conflicting data points or a lack of available data, it will not generate a response without evidence—which, for the user, may highlight a key gap in enterprise knowledge, according to Philogène.

“While questions will vary depending on company, industry, project, etc., Stravito Assistant is unique in that users can ask it anything,” Philogène added. “No matter the question, Stravito Assistant will either provide users with a response or inform the user that they don’t own data from which it can pull an answer which minimizes the risk of the infamous hallucinations from other generative AI tools.”

Security and trust is another focal point for the Stravito Assistant, where technical safeguards are in place to reduce the amount of data sent in each query. No models are trained on customer data, ensuring that proprietary data is secured.

“Trust and confidentiality sit at the heart of Stravito, and Stravito Assistant’s generative AI features were developed with the utmost focus on reliability, privacy, and security,” said Philogène.

To learn more about Stravito Assistant, please visit https://www.stravito.com/.

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