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Amelia reveals Amelia Answers, using generative and deterministic AI

Amelia, a leader in enterprise AI, is publicly launching its knowledge AI capability, “Amelia Answers,” within its Conversational AI platform—combining the latest advancements in generative and deterministic AI.

According to the company, this capability enables enterprises to deploy virtual agents that provide the most reliable, efficient, and satisfactory natural-language responses to customer and employee questions.

By combining generative and deterministic AI techniques, the Amelia Answers capability within Amelia’s Conversational AI platform enables enterprises to deploy virtual agents that provide the best possible answers to users’ requests, while also minimizing risk.

Working closely with Amelia, enterprise customers can design their optimal system for using deterministic FAQ pairs and generative AI, based on costs, speed and experience. Amelia has been using generative AI within its Conversational AI platform since 2020 and has offered many of these capabilities for quite some time, according to the company.

Amelia Answers is an enhanced next-generation capability that allows enterprises to use the vast amounts of knowledge sources they already possess to provide broad informational resolutions to customer and employee questions.

With Amelia Answers, enterprises deploy virtual agents that:

  • Answer frequently asked questions with pre-determined answers based on FAQ pairings.
  • Generate high-probability answers to nuanced questions when FAQs pairings are not applicable.
  • Collect analytics on high-volume questions that fall outside existing FAQ pairings, which can be used for future use cases.
  • Use generative AI and analytics for data-driven learning and improving, helping companies better manage their enterprise knowledge.

Given the importance of enterprise security and brand reputation, Amelia Answers uses retrieval augmented generation (RAG) with added security via retrieval enforcement, input sanitization and query enforcement to ensure appropriate responses. Enterprise customers may also customize their virtual agents’ responses to align with their brand tone.

“Since the founding of our company in 1998, our AI platforms have been purpose-built for the enterprise environment. We are committed to helping our customers harness the latest AI innovations in a safe and reliable manner. The recent advancements in generative AI capabilities are no exception. Amelia Answers enables enterprises to use generative AI only where and when it makes sense, so they can provide exceptional digital experiences that drive customer satisfaction and employee productivity,” said Brandon Nott, chief product officer at Amelia.

For more information about this news, visit https://amelia.ai.

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